6ix Pizzas, not only healthy but truly Canadian

We all know there’s nothing quite like a fresh and crisp slice of pizza with the perfect amount of tomato sauce and cheese cooked with love downtown Toronto.

Many people who are not Muslim believe that the only way to get an authentic pizza is with non-halal ingredients. That couldn’t be more wrong! Pizza can be made using halal products and still taste just as good, if not better, than one made with regular ingredients.

Halal products are not just for Muslims. Halal pizza, for example, tastes the same or even better than traditional pizza. This is because halal products are fresher, and they are healthier – they’re free of alcohol, alcohol-based flavourings, animal byproducts, and other ingredients that are not 100% natural.

The point is that the healthier choice tastes just as good or even better than the non-healthy one. In fact, halal is an additional guarantee of the quality of the product.

Come to 6ix Pizzas to try an authentic, genuinely Halal, delicious pizza with a crispy crust, tender and juicy meat, fragrant herbs, and stringy cheese. For making our pizzas, we use only the highest quality, fresh, and carefully selected products: meat of different varieties, tandoori chicken, herbs, vegetables. Everything is natural and incredibly fragrant. That’s why we are one the best halal pizza restaurant in Toronto.

Our pizzaiolo has turned the cooking process into a real ceremony, giving our pizzas and other dishes a bright shade. Our Halal pizza will become your favourite. We are sure of this because we know all the subtleties and secrets of cooking halal dishes and have mastered the art of cooking incredible halal wings and Philly cheesesteaks.

We are proud that 6ix Pizzas is one of the most delicious places in the city where you can taste different halal dishes. We not only have delicious food, but we also provide our guests with high-level service – we have polite, professional staff who will do everything to make you feel a cozy and friendly atmosphere.

Not only do we offer 100% halal pizza, wings, cheesesteaks, smoothies, and much more for you to enjoy with friends and family, but we also have an outstanding, truly Canadian interior design.

The restaurant offers one floor of seating with the unique theme of a Mount Rushmore, but instead of the patriotic tribute to four United States presidents, 6ix Pizzas presents Drake, The Weekend, Vince Carter, and Kyle Lowry.

Our guests will find themselves surrounded by many fun and exciting things such as sports advertisements and posters. Many guests appreciated the terrace; spending time there, you can completely escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and get into a completely different world where no one is in a hurry.

Sitting in the middle of a unique interior and inhaling the aroma of the best pizza in Toronto, you will watch the running city from the side. The time spent on the terrace at 6ix Pizzas will be special, we promise!