Is Chicken Halal In Canada

Are All Chicken in Canada Halal?

Canadian census numbers for 2021 show that there are over a million Muslims in Canada, with the number growing every year. For this reason, food businesses are adjusting their offerings to include Halal foods to cater to this rapidly rising demographic. Islam is also the fastest-growing religion in the country, primarily due to immigration and as current Muslim residents continue to thrive well with other cultures in Canada’s open community. 

Now to specifically answer the question “Is Chicken Halal in Canada” — not all. However, Halal regulations will ensure that all food products that are, indeed Halal, will have the correct Halal labels and information. In this way, those who are looking for Halal food will know which products to pick up and where to buy them. 

Given the increasing number of Muslims in the country and the growing customer base of Halal food patrons who are non-Muslims, it’s not surprising if almost all food establishments will have Halal certification. That’s certainly something all Halal fans aspire to have, knowing that meat products served wherever they want to eat will have been prepared through ethical means. Even several American fast-food restaurant chain brands are adopting Halal practices.

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