How much time do you need to make a pizza?

Many people like pizza, but not everyone knows how much time it takes to make a pizza. Here are some valuable facts on how we are doing pizza at 6ix Pizzas.

Making process

We start by weighing and mixing the flour, yeast, sugar and salt. Then we add water which is heated to 37 degrees Celsius. The exact temperature of the water doesn’t play a pivotal role here, but it affects how well the yeast works. Warm water speeds up the fermentation process while cold water slows it down. We wait for 15 minutes to activate the yeast, and then we add olive oil. Now we mix everything together and knead the dough. This is not an easy task, and usually, we need half an hour for it!

Rise Above

And now it’s time for a break! Resting dough is crucial because it helps with gluten formation. Gluten is what gives pizza its unique structure and chewiness. A good dough must have strong elasticity, which results in a tasty crust. By resting our dough for 30 minutes, we are helping gluten formation, so it becomes easier to work with later on!

We got the sauce

At 6ix Pizzas, we know that the best way to achieve a perfect pizza is to use a fresh sauce. We can buy pre-made tomato sauce, but what’s the point in that? We are making it ourselves! To start with, we saut√© garlic and onions. Then we add oregano, basil leaves, red pepper flakes and tomatoes. The whole thing takes about an hour to simmer until all ingredients are well combined.

Quality, not quantity

Add a thin layer of sauce to the dough and spread it carefully with a spoon. It has to be thin, but even because we don’t want any holes in our pizza! Now we grate some cheese – Halal mozzarella would be the most appropriate choice here. Quality counts more than quantity here. We add a thick layer of vegetables, beef, chicken (depends on the pizza you choose) and more cheese on top of it. Our pizza is almost ready!

Pizza stone

The last and most important part is the baking process. We preheat our oven to 800 degrees Fahrenheit and place a pizza stone inside it. This way, the dough will have more contact with hot air, so it’ll cook faster. We put our delicious creation in the oven for about 5 minutes until the crust becomes golden brown.


And that’s how we make a perfect pizza at 6ix Pizzas! If you prefer delivery, 6ix Pizzas does that too. We work with UberEats, SkiptheDishes and Doordash, and believe that stress-free, fast and reliable delivery service is the way to go!

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